Monday, 15 April 2013

Our Big Arizona Road Trip - Part Two

Three Nights at The Grand Canyon

After a long journey and thankfully no more car trouble,  we entered The Grand Canyon National Park. You have to pay an entrance fee of €25. The first thing we saw were some Elk

We arrived at our accommodation up in The Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim. We stayed at Thunderbird Lodge. Originally we wanted to stay at El Tovar but it was fully booked and on trip advisor Thunderbird scored higher than Bright Angel. So Thunderbird Lodge it was.  It turned out they were all next door to one another anyways. To look at on the outside it reminded me of a university hall of residence hahahaha... 

 BUT the rooms on the inside were wonderful and we loved their toiletries :) The best bit though.....we were right on the South Rim and so when we came out the lodge this was our view :

On the first evening we had a few drinks in the bar at Bright Angel Lodge and then ate dinner in the restaurant there. The food was good.... But very filling :) We also ate breakfast there the following morning. It was ok... Nothing spectacular.
We had 3 nights at the Grand Canyon and so 2 full days. The first day was spent walking the South Rim.

 The views of The Grand Canyon were spectacular. We walked so far and then took the free shuttle up to the Visitors Center.

Later in the afternoon, we went down to the IMAX Theater which is just outside the Park and watched a fabulous movie all about The Grand Canyon - its history, geology etc We also ate at a lovely Mexican called Sophie's Mexican Kitchen - it was very bright and colourful inside.

On the second day we ate breakfast at El Tovar.... it was delish..... so many yummie choices... these are only a small part of them

Also their dining room is gorgeous.... very Olde Worlde. 

In fact the whole Lodge looks gorgeous. If we ever went to The Grand Canyon again, we would book months and months and months in advance to make sure we got a room there. We tended to eat and have drinks there a lot. 

After breakfast, we took the free shuttle bus in the opposite direction towards Hermit's Rest, stopping at various points and walking. We both agreed that the views were even more stunning than the ones from the previous day

There was a cute building at Hermits Rest which was a shop/cafe with an amazing fireplace

There were always many places to fill up your water bottle enroute
On the way back we popped to have a look at the mules. You can take Mule Rides down the canyon  but with Lala's asthma and how badly it set it off the time we took a mule ride down the steps in Santorini, we decided against that. 

We walked back to the hotel via the railway

We had a wonderful 3 nights at the Grand Canyon and both decided that it is definitely a place to see in your life time. It's totally stunning. 

Will leave you with a quote which was on one of the walls of the IMAX Theater.

"For each man sees himself in the Grand Canyon - each one makes his own Canyon before he comes, each brings and carries away his own Canyon" - Carl Sandburg

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Stay tuned for Part Three ....


  1. These pictures are so spectacular, I can't even come up with another word to explain the beauty.

    How nice for you to be able to wake up to these views and attempt to capture the scenes... then share them with us :)

  2. Wow amazing pics! It looks so gorgeous. One day I hope to go! X

  3. Loving all your pictures and adventures! Isn't the Grand Canyon something...I was there a couple years ago, and it is just a sight to see! Glad you had a FABULOUS time!! :)

  4. This looks like an amazing trip! I would love to go. I especially love the Sandburg quote.

  5. Now I am craving pancakes!!! xx

  6. I would like to visit the Grand Canyon sometimes. Everyone I know who's been says it is worth it to go. Your pictures are fantastic.

  7. Looks like you had a great time.. I have always wanted to go to Arizona but our travels have brought us west.. THanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :)

    (Crazy Life - Chaotic Wife )


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