Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Our Big Arizona Road Trip Part Four

Hey Y'all... it seems to be taking me forever to update about our trip..... I have been crazy busy doing assignments etc for my Yoga Teacher Training course... Taking today off anything Yoga related.... erm... I bet that doesn't happen though....hahahaha..... ( I wrote this on Monday... and yes I did end up do something Yoga related!! )

Sooooooo we left Monument Valley bright and early.  It was my turn to drive.... was about a 4 hour drive to Sedona which wasn't bad.  If it had been a 4 hour drive in the UK... it would feel like a very long time.... but in the USA, it is so much easier to drive than here.

When we arrived.. our room wasn't ready we had to wait.  Granted we were a little early.... but official check-in time arrived and our room still wasn't ready and we ended up waiting and waiting and waiting.  We also must have been given the worst room in the hotel.  The inside was nice enough but just the location of the room wasn't to good. Oh well... it is not like we spend a great deal of time in the room.

Some of the views from the hotel were spectacular though.

Loved the 'X' in the sky, we both said that it must be a sign :)

Sedona is very pretty.... though we did both think the town centre is very commercialized.  Though we did love this store.

 Lala has been to Sedona before but like 20 years ago... She says it has changed sooooooo sooooo much.

So what did we do whilst we were there? We stayed 4 nights and so did lots of things.  One evening we went on the Sunset Vortex Tour with Red Rock Jeep Tours.

Our tour guide, Mark was fantastic.  He took us to 3 different places where the Earth's energy was the strongest.  The first was up by the airport where he explained  Vortexes  and Chakras and asked us if we were working anything.  We had to find a spot there and meditate. It actually made me feel very sick.  In fact, since arriving in Sedona, I was feeling nauseous.  Mark explained that is was the energy overload.  It actually made sense as I have been working on my heart chakra for a while and if my chakra is not open... a lot of energy is gonna make me feel sick.  Mark did some grounding with me and I felt so much better.

We then went onto Red Rock Crossing.  We loved it here.  So so beautiful.  We meditated by the stream.  I kept getting the urge to get in the water.  I didn't of course.  Lala loved it.... so much so we went back again the next day.

The final place was up at what is called Rachel's Knoll.  You can read the sad story of Rachel's Knoll here .  It is so sad that her children sold the land and it was made into a Golf Club.  Luckily though, the public are allowed access to the Knoll. It is from here we saw the sun setting

One day we drove to the ghost town of Jerome.  What a cute lovely town.  Lots of independent arty shops.  I was happy cos when we went in one shop, the was the most beautiful copy of The Bhagavad Gita.  It wa the only copy in the shop and kind of felt like it was there waiting for me :)  Here are some photos.

One of our favourite places was the Amitabha Stupa.  So beautiful and so peaceful.

We visisted a wonderful Arts & Crafts Village called Tlaquepaque

We also took a trip to Montezuma's Castle  - which are old cliff-dwellings and also went and visited Camp Verde

Sedona was lovely... but we decided 4 nights was probably too much....

And we can't end this post without something on food.  We loved Simon's Hotdogs. All his hotdogs can be served Vegetarian and Vegan

Next stop... Tucson.....


  1. There sounds there are some lovely parts of Sedona... too bad about the room and other little inconveniences...

    1. Yeah Sedona is beautiful... Just wasn't keen of the downtown area xx

  2. I've never been, but the pictures make it look so fabulous, and you're right, you did have some really great views from the hotel!

    Glad you had such a nice vacation. Now do you need a vacation to recuperate from the vacation? Seems like that's how it goes over here at our place. :)

    1. Hahaha yep that's how we felt when we got home ... Took us ages to get over the jet lag xx


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